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Miami and South Florida Indian and South Asian Wedding Photography Company provides stunning fine art wedding photography services to couples in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, New York, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and everywhere else in between. As a Canon Film and Mamiya Film photographer, Nami provides elite wedding photography services to clients seeking truly artful, unobtrusive, photo documentary coverage of their wedding day. Apart from providing Miami wedding photography services, Nami specializes in Indian, Pakistani and South Asian Wedding Photography and is also available for destination weddings worldwide. Contact me to learn about my wedding photography prices and packages. Check out my Google Places Page and leave a kind review!




Nami Dadlani

It was freshers week at the University of Manchester. All the new international freshman students were getting the crash course on what the next three years of their life would entail. Connie sat at a table in the dining hall with friends joking around, goofing off and telling jokes.  Bastian, sat opposite Connie meticulously and quietly eating his meal. Little did he know he was the butt of the jokes. From that day on, Connie and Bastian's path would continually cross but there was never any contact till one day at a school party they ended up seated next to each other. While shifting in her seat, Connie's leg mistakingly brushed up against Bastian's. "She likes me" he thought. "Oh no, ooops!" she thought. Later that night Connie and Bastian started talking. He made her smile, he made her laugh, then he made his move. "Connie, would you like to go with me on a walk?" The rest is history.