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Miami and South Florida Indian and South Asian Wedding Photography Company provides stunning fine art wedding photography services to couples in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, New York, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and everywhere else in between. As a Canon Film and Mamiya Film photographer, Nami provides elite wedding photography services to clients seeking truly artful, unobtrusive, photo documentary coverage of their wedding day. Apart from providing Miami wedding photography services, Nami specializes in Indian, Pakistani and South Asian Wedding Photography and is also available for destination weddings worldwide. Contact me to learn about my wedding photography prices and packages. Check out my Google Places Page and leave a kind review!



A review by Caroline Price on NYC Actor Headshots:

Nami Dadlani

I had come across a photo Nami (Dadlani) had taken of our mutual friend Hannah and I really thought that she had captured the essence of who Hannah was. I knew that I wanted Nami to take my next round of headshots. As an actor your headshot is one of the most important tools you have when marketing yourself if not THE MOST important. It is your calling card. It has to make an impression, but most important it has to look like you and represent what you can bring to the table. Since I live in Boston and she is based in Miami we corresponded via email about what I was looking for. She asked me to set up a Pintrest page and to add to it images that I thought would be helpful in narrowing down what I was looking for.  This was a great assignment because it made figure out exactly what I wanted.  It was also a great way to share ideas and come up with shot locations and outfits and make-up choices.

The day of the shoot we had chosen my looks and a pretty amazing shooting route down Highline and into the Meatpacking District and Tribecca.  With the help of a stylist, Hannah, we made the trek down the route stopping every quarter mile or so take some shots. The beauty of the Highline is that there is no shortage of amazing locations to shoot at. We could have shot the entire session there.

Nami has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am not a model by any means, but I had decided to branch out in this session and get shots taken specifically for print modeling. I wanted a “Mom” shot and a “Girl Next Door Shot” and some great candid images if possible.  Nami was able to help me straddle the gap between commercial work and print work and at times, fashion.  She was calm and positive and I always knew when we were getting close to what she wanted because the positive feedback would begin. And when we got the shot…we got it!

She never gave up on me. When I got discouraged or tired she was patient and positive.  And she had no problem letting me make a fool of myself….America’s Top Model I am not.

But, as we sat down and looked through the photos we had taken I was amazed at how incredible they turned out. Not only had she captured exactly what I wanted, but she allowed me to shine through.  These photos not only looked exactly liked me, but she was able to capture the moods and the composition I was looking for down to the letter.

I will recommend shooting with Nami for all of my actor friends.  I never felt rushed and because of the homework she had assigned I knew exactly what I wanted.  And I trusted that she could help me get there.   I also recommend having a stylist available. It was such a relief to have someone there to keep an eye on my make-up, hair, and overall look.  All I had to do was relax and enjoy the session.

Nami was able to truly capture who I was in a photo and because of her work - I’ll get work!